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Wednesday, 29 September 2010 16:00
Play… The Ultimate Freedom
by Vaishali

Ever consider that everyone is born knowing how to play? Imagine for a moment where the human race would be if we were born not knowing how to suckle? Life would be all to short. If we are all born with an instinctive knowledge for something, that wisdom must be pretty important to life itself.

Without play what would be the point of life? As Jack Nicholson so aptly put it in a Stephen King collaboration, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Not to mention unhappy and unhealthy. And from the looks of it, Jack has had no shortage of play.  But play does more for us than entertain an otherwise dreary existence. Play liberates the mind, the emotions, the very soul of our being.

Consider all the money you spend on “stuff” in an attempt to buy some sense of emotional satisfaction. No matter how much you purchase, your life would still be unfulfilling without play? What good is that big flat screen television if all you watch is the crisis news network, CNN? How much use is that party dress, without the party? You can drop tons of cash, max out your credit cards and still never get the value you do from play.

That’s the best part about play… IT’S FREE! It does not matter what your credit report looks like, no one can repossess your ability to derive joy from life. On the flip side, you can have a fat bank account, but if you have no fun in your life, are you really rich? What inner wealth do you have if you can’t even amuse yourself? All play requires is your imagination, which is unlimited and boundless. Set that inner child free from the adult prison it has been locked in, serving a life sentence. Consider it kind of like parole.  Only make it a play release program instead of work release.

Play is free from regulation: no government mandates or paperwork required. Call it your 401Play plan. It’s an investment in you. You are free to make contributions at any time, and you do not have to be retired to enjoy the benefits. The only modifications necessary to your current plan involve the elimination of that serious and uptight attitude. You have to be willing to put down your attachment to worry and unhappiness. But I suspect that is the price of admission most people feel they can afford without too much sacrifice.

Without play how would we learn to grow? What a minute… learning without fun, forced growth, boredom… that was my last business meeting and seminar schedule.   Development minus the playful element leaves us with rigid, authoritarian, threatening and burdened methods of self-extension. Hardly seems worth coming to the planet for. Perhaps a play-deprived existence costs us more than we bargained for.

Eastern philosophies define enlightenment as being in the present moment and not having a problem with it. Consider that enlightenment is the ultimate in across the board states of freedom, liberation from constraint and limitation… hmm that sounds like play to me. You simply cannot get freer than enlightenment. Now reflect back to when you were a kid playing house. Did it ever occur to you to add to the imaginary scenario that you had too many bills to pay or not enough hours in the day? When you played doctor, did you determine if the patient had health insurance or could even pay your bill? Of course not. Hey, the fact is, you were practicing medicine without a license! Didn’t think about that, did you? But if you did give those types of things your attention, you would cease to play. You would no longer be in the present moment and not have a problem with it. When we play, these states of limitation never even enter our thoughts. That is the power and beauty of play.

Some say you can meditate your way to enlightenment. Others say it can be done with a vow of poverty or silence. Personally if I have any choice in the matter, and we all in fact do have free will, I would choose to play my way into a fully liberated state of existence. The enlightened ones are not necessarily on a mountaintop in Tibet; they could be the ones in the sandbox at the playground.

5 Tips For A More Playful You:

1.    Get out of your head ~ Play is a heart centered, heart driven reality. Play expands your perspective far beyond the limits of the frontal lobe. Trust in that free fall from the head into the heart. It is safe, it is healing and it is enjoyable.

2.    Play is how you liberate your inner child ~ Ever wonder where your sense of wonder and adventure went? It is in mothballs with your inner child. The inner child does not have to do the dishes or get the kids to school on time. However the inner child does make playing in the soap and water fun while you’re getting those dishes washed. The inner child also knows how to sing and connect with your kids while driving them to school. Wouldn’t that turn a chore into joy?

3.    Play is how you laugh at yourself ~ When you can laugh at life’s flaws and mishaps it always takes that stinging pain out of taking life so tragically personal and turns it into a healing. Laughing at your best efforts gone awry provides you the necessary psychological distance needed for shaking off disappointment and moving forward.

4.    Play does not belong on a calendar, it belongs in the flow of life ~ If you isolate play until the schedule allows, you will find that something “more important” will always eclipses that play date. On your deathbed will you regret that you played more and worked less? Don’t wait until it is too late. Open your mind now and let the playfulness in.

5.    Play is regenerating ~ play is how we restore the inner juiciness and vitality of life. Play is how the body and mind relaxes so that there is not such a constant outflow of “busy” energy depleting the human experience. If meditation is just not your thing, rejuvenate and replenish by playing with your dog or cat. They are the ultimate play gurus.

About Vaishali:

Vaishali is the author of Wisdom Rising (Purple Haze Press 2008) and You Are What You Love (Purple Haze Press 2006) and the syndiated Talk Radio Host of "You are What You Love". She demystifies mysticism by offerng answers to many thought provoking questions about the fibne art of self-resurrection. Vaishali has survived a life fraught with every possible personal challenge available to a human experience: the violent death of a loved one, lying, cheating significant others, a messy painful divorce, financial devastation due to life threateing illness and injuries. The experiences have shaped her books with honest, heartfuled and deeply insightful knowledge on how to understand the purpose behind human life. She has appeared on the Dr. Oz Radio Show and was recetnly quoted on she is a columnist for The Huffington Post and a frquent guest on network Television. She is also a faculty member of The Omega Institute.


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