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- Let go of (dismiss or turn your attention away from) ideas about what you think should be happening or what you want to be happening. Those ideas belong to the egoic self, and they are irrelevant to life and take you away from the full experience of the moment—a full experience of real life. Instead, they take you into a mind-made world of ideas about life, about a life and a moment that doesn't exist and will never exist. They take you into a false reality, where you miss out on Reality.

- Forget time. Try not to orient around thoughts about time—what time it is, how much time you have for something, how much time something takes, or if you will you get something done in time. Some paying of attention to time is necessary, but many of our thoughts about time are arbitrary deadlines put forth by the egoic mind. "Hurry up and get it done" is the ego's attitude toward doing something, and that makes what we're doing feel like work. Make what you're doing feel like play by losing yourself in it. It won't take any longer, and you'll enjoy it.

- Be in your senses. Take in what's going on around you. Be in reality, not in the virtual reality of the mind.

- Notice any tension in your body, breathe into it, and invite relaxation to take its place.

- Notice the aliveness that is present in your body. When you are going about your day, just stop and notice the aliveness in your hands, arms, and entire body. Then notice what is aware of this moment. What is that that is conscious and aware? That aliveness and Awareness is who you really are.

- Realize that this moment and whatever is going on is enough—and it's all you have, anyway. There is only NOW. The past and future don't exist except as mental constructs. Only this slice of life that you are experiencing right now is real. Make the best of it.

- Let the beautiful Intelligence that you are take care of the unfolding of your life and everyone else's. We are in good hands, despite appearances or what your egoic mind might be saying. The egoic mind is the negative voice in the world—the only negative voice. The true voice is silent—Silence—and Silence is all-accepting and at peace with however life is unfolding. In fact, it is what is unfolding life and doing it beautifully and with intention. The egoic mind is what is responsible for the violence and unhappiness in this world.

- Let yourself experience the peace that is present in between any thoughts. That Peace is who you really are. It is here, right now, living this life.

- Find a way to be happy and at peace right now. The only thing that can interfere with that is a thought from the egoic mind. Notice what thoughts or ideas are interfering with that and step outside of them. You are what is capable of noticing those thoughts, and That Noticer, or Awareness, is at peace and happy right now. Align with That and let That live your life. If you don't know how to let That live your life, simply ask for assistance and affirm your desire and intention for That to be in the forefront of your life rather than the ego.

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