Closing of the Cycle: The Last Days and What Is To Be Done by Jose Arguelles PDF Print E-mail
Post by Jo   
Thursday, 10 June 2010 09:16

Mayan Calendar

When we look at our world today in the middle of the year 2010, we see something that more and more resembles the beginning of Roland Emmerich’s 2012. Devastating earthquakes, floods, an unprecedented oil spill – the hemorrhaging of the Earth – and volcanoes. Besides the Iceland eruption, on May 29 it seems three other volcanoes went off: One in Guatemala, one in Ecuador and one in the area of the North Mariana islands. Note that the Mariana volcano – an underwater eruption – is very close to the deepest underwater trench in the world, the Mariana trench. Deep water volcano, Earth’s response to BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig that blew up just about the time the Iceland volcano first went off. Choreography courtesy the divine plan!

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Saturday, 05 June 2010 16:00

Yes, you heard right - students in Manchester are having their thumbprints digitally transformed into electronic codes which can be recognized by a computer system. Books are then borrowed and returned by swiping a bar code inside the book and pressing their little 4 year old thumbs on to a scanner. Oh, did I forget to mention the students ages range from 4-11? Do you want your child's thumbprint to be used to check out a library book? Read more at {}.
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Transformation - Understanding the Decade of Change PDF Print E-mail
Post by Judith Lukomski   
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 16:00

Have you been feeling like everything familiar is changing; work and family demands are escalating?  That life is moving faster that you can keep up with because ofthe advances in technology and constant communication expectations, dealing with environmental tragedies, plus trying to understand all the international concerns? 
We're Living in a Theater State - by Joe Bageant PDF Print E-mail
Post by Crash Jones   
Wednesday, 19 May 2010 14:04
Joe Bageant
"TV and movies keep us in an entertained stupor, awed, mislead, and most importantly, distracted."
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Post by Jeff Snow   
Saturday, 15 May 2010 10:00
Create Your Own Country
Yes, you too could become the King/Queen/President/Emperor/Imperial Majesty... of your own self-declared country. If this thought sounds appealing, read more at {MSNBC}.
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