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Dreaming, Bear
Dreaming-Bear Baraka Kanaan is an internationally renowned spoken word artist, author, and peace advocate. In Wild Love: Kissed Into Consciousness, he elegantly blends the universe's quantum understandings with inner expressions of the heart, offering a fresh perspective on how to transform pain into beauty.

Wild Love: Kissed into Consciousness (iUniverse 2007)is written in the tradition of Rumi or Hafiz, and is a collection of love spells written in luminous word tapestries and divinely orchestrated to deeply inspire, passionately move, and spiritually intoxicate the reader to rise soul over senses in love. Through each heartfelt, magical, and poetic spell you will find yourself awakening to the unconditional love of Source, Lover, and the Earth.

Dreaming Bear says,

I have devoted my life to the artful weaving of conscious expressions that give something of beauty and value back to the world. My words are vessels for the voice of the universe to open hearts and minds to embracing their own capacity for greatness.

He has traveled the world extensively, sharing his message of unconditional love and fulfillment of personal potential with audiences as diverse as international dignitaries, corporate groups, and third world refugees. He holds a master’s degree in Communications and is the author of seven inspirational books and two spoken word CD’s.

Dreaming Bear is a frequent guest in the media, hosts his own weekly radio show on ConsciousAlliances, and was featured in Without Walls, a documentary on peace in the Middle East. He is an acclaimed keynote speaker and conducts seminars, workshops, and inspired gatherings worldwide. Website: DreamingBear.net

The Lovevolution Foundation is dedicated to individual and universal transformation towards making the world a kinder place through efforts which evolve/revolutionize old compassionless paradigms into new love based world views. The foundation for Dreaming-Bear’s work as a transformational artist is deeply personal. Born to a runaway teenage mother and refugee father, he survived through years of poverty and abuse. When he was eight years old, he witnessed the death of his brother and the kidnapping of his sister. To cope with an overwhelming sense of pain and loss, he began to write, beginning the alchemical inspiration for metamorphosis and spiritual discovery.

Wild Love

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Dreaming Bear Speaks of Peace in the Middle East

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