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Post by Jo Carey   
Vaishali, spiritual wild child, author of You Are What You Love, and internet radio host, creates another slam-dunk success for spiritual seekers with the release of her new book, Wisdom Rising (Purple Haze Press 2008). From alien life to the afterlife, to enlightenment, to the genius of Emanuel Swedenborg and Edgar Cayce, Wisdom Rising will have readers feasting on spiritual nuggets that go straight to the heart, gut and other body parts. In Wisdom Rising, readers will learn the answers to the all-important questions they NEVER EVEN THOUGHT TO ASK!

• Why does the stock market wait until you make an investment before going into a free fall?

• Is there a difference between a prayer that someone makes at a crap table to roll a “Lucky 7” and a prayer made at     the bedside of a dying loved one?

• Why do alien life forms perceive us earthlings as the banjo picking, toothless, inbred hillbillies of the Universe?

• Does “love your enemies” mean it is okay for people to wipe their feet on your dreams?

• Did I come here to Earth to build a monument to worry and unhappiness?

• Which is the greater force - Google or the spiritual realm?

Skip the Ginzu knives and Foreman grillers for the more serious-minded, Wisdom Rising will also show readers how to:

• Make your mind your best friend by stopping your attention from bouncing around like a shot on a pinball machine.

• Develop your ability to understand your value, power and worth - without having to brush your teeth or dress up first.

• Determine how spiritually healthy you are.

• Be in right relationship with your life purpose.

From non-ordinary reality to wet burka contests, from the gospel according to the Talking Heads to a duel to the death with wallpaper, Wisdom Rising is chock full of enough mystical insights and humor to raise laugh-out-loud spiritual wisdom to a whole new dimension.

You Are What You Love (Purple Haze Press 2006) makes Swedenborg’s philosophies more accessible and Vaishali's dream is that she is able to make him a household word just like Jesus, Dalia Lama, Buddha, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Dr Phil, Cheech & Chong and Homer Simpson. She says she "...wants to make Swedenborg fun and easy, so everyone could benefit from this amazing force of Love. Not just for those who read fluent Latin, as that is all Swedenborg wrote in. Not just for those who received an education in Religious philosophies, but for everyone who ever hungered for the Truth. For everyone who desired to set their mind free."

Vaishali is part Stand-up Comic, part Spiritual Teacher and full time Soul Stripper. She has been enormously influenced by mystic Emanuel Swedenborg whose brilliant wisdom is the central core of her spiritual practice, and the remarkable Sir Oscar Wilde, which is where she says she gets her invincible sense of humor. Vaishali has survived a life fraught with every possible personal challenge available to a human experience: the violent death of a loved one, lying cheating significant others, a messy and painful divorce, financial devastation due to life threatening illness and injuries complete with years of physical agony.  These experiences have shaped her book You Are What You Love with honest heartfelt and deeply insightful knowledge on how to understand the purpose behind human life on Earth.Vaishali has worn only the color purple - exclusively, for over a decade, as her Spiritual uniform of choice. She currently resides in Florida and continues with her life purpose of Spiritual teaching and consulting as well as is working on her next book. Hear Vaishali on ContactTalkRadio. Website:PurpleV.com


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