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Friday, 21 September 2012 16:00

Your personal and private information is a commodity that is bought and sold creating an endless stream of profit. Do a search on your name and find out what personal information is available to all... for free. On, USSearch, Intelius, People Finders and many other privacy invading sites, you can find out a person's home phone number, home address, map to their house, age, and family members. For a fee, you can buy more personal and private information.

To opt out of some of these privacy invaders click here.

For Info on how to protect your online privacy click here and here and here.

And...let's talk about the fee that phone companies charge to NOT list your phone number.

AT&T makes over $150 million annualy in fees charged for unlisted phone numbers. In 2008, California lawmakers considered legislation to eliminate or reduce the unlisted number fee. It failed as AT&T contributed to all but eight state legislators and was able to kill the bill, according to Mark Toney, executive director of The Utility Reform Network.

When I called AT&Tto ask why I had to be charged a fee to have my number unlisted, the reason I was given is that "all carriers charge this fee".

AT&T callers can block their name and phone number by hitting *67 before dialing to prevent others from capturing your unlisted phone number.

Join the free Do Not Call Registry at 1.888.382.1222

Bruce Kushnick, The chairman for Teletruth, an independent customer advocacy group focusing on broadband and telecom issues offers an informative commentary titled "At&T should be begging California for forgiveness, not regulatory relief."

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An Unlisted Phone Number May Cost You


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