Mysterious Human Ancestor Now Has a Face PDF Print E-mail
Post by Jo   
Saturday, 11 August 2012 16:00

Researchers can now put a new face on a mysterious human ancestor whose skull was discovered 40 years ago in Kenya. The find gives scientists a better look at a species that was alive soon after the dawn of our genus Homo about 2 million years ago. It also shows that there were several species of Homo present 1.78 million to 2.03 million years ago in the Rift Valley of Africa.

This new discovery brings up questions regarding coexistence: Did they compete for food? Did they eat different foods? Did they use tools differently? Did they live and sleep in the same areas or inhabit different areas?

Source article New Fossils Put Face on Mysterious Human Ancestor.
Source Image Fred Spoor/National Musems of Kenya

Michael Tellinger - Adam's Calendar Documentary PDF Print E-mail
Post by Crash   
Wednesday, 25 July 2012 16:00

Project Camelot presents Michael Tellinger, scientist, explorer and the author of Slave Species of God, Temples of the African Gods, and Adams Calendar which takes off from the work of Zecharia Sitchin and reveals what may be the site where the Anunnaki genetically modified the DNA of humans.

Ryan Gosling Back Then PDF Print E-mail
Post by Jo   
Tuesday, 19 June 2012 23:17

I am compelled to join in the sharing of young Ryan's dance performance because it is just too great! Something about that smile inspires me to get out there, follow my dreams and get my own groove on. Gotta seize inspiration wherever it strikes! Also check out his campaign {RasieHopeFor Congo}.
FBI "Vault" and UK UFO Documents State Roswell Real PDF Print E-mail
Post by Jeff Snow   
Thursday, 14 April 2011 10:40

After decades of denial, the FBI's online "The Vault" and recently released British government UFO documents reveal that three flying saucers actually were recovered in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, along with the bodies of the alien crews. The crafts were allegedly brought down by high-powered goverment radar that interfered with the spaceship controls. Read more at {Huliq}.

San Francisco 1905 Culture Pre 1906 Earthquake PDF Print E-mail
Post by Jo   
Monday, 11 April 2011 00:12

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Travel back in time with the first track from Airs' Moon Safari album, accompanied by scenes from a video shot from a streetcar traveling down Market Street in San Francisco in 1905 - before the earthquake/fire of 1906 destroyed the area. Remarkable footage of the turn of the century lifestyles in California. Quite mesmerizing to look at the difference 106 years has made!

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