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Friday, 14 September 2012 16:00

A great deal of mankind is asleep. In fact, most people are more awake to their true being when they are literally asleep; when physically awake, their life is often a series of dreams, mood states shift from moment to moment, random thoughts and old stored emotions control the daily destiny of people.

Our days consists of thousands of thoughts that are mostly of no value at all. These chatterbox thoughts take us round in circles, mean nothing and go nowhere. In short, this type of thinking is a complete waste of time and more importantly energy, it wears you out. This contributes to tiredness as the day goes on.

If you're not caught up in useless thought, then you may be trapped in old emotions (often people are trapped in both). Most of us carry outdated, irrelevant emotional baggage that drags us down and holds us back. We cannot progress with this stuff alive and well inside of us. Of course, most people aren’t even aware they carry emotional baggage because they are asleep. So the first thing that people begin to become aware of when they start to awaken is stored emotion that effects everything in their life.

We aren’t even aware of our bodies, unless they ache. Have you ever thought that when your body aches, it might just be calling out to be noticed? In fact, it may well have been trying to tell you something for a long time but because you are asleep you haven’t heard the call. So now, through pain, it is screaming at you.

It is TIME TO WAKE UP and stop spending our days in a dream state, where we fill our time with activities that distract and occupy our lives with what really is a waste. How many times have you heard someone say “same old, same old” when asked how life has been? Is what you do so meaningless that it is difficult to remember what you did the day before?

There are those among us who are concerned that we are controlled by the powers that run the world. The interesting thing here is that the so called new world order controllers actually believe that they know what is going on, yet they are just as asleep as everybody else on the planet and they are actually worse off because they believe that they are awake to things. They have no idea at all what this whole thing called life on the earth is all about.

OK, so what can be done? How do we wake up?

Once we are awake, we will know it and we will truly hold our power, which means no one will be able to control us in any way. We will be free. We will not need teachers, have no need to read books or study. We will not need to go to workshops, build empires. In fact, we will be free from all ego-based activity. We will be awake.

Here are some things to help do that:

1.    Become aware of your physical body - it will talk to you if you pay attention to it

2.    Free yourself from your emotional baggage. Look back into your history. Create a timeline and deal with all the stuff that happened in your past that you thought that you had dealt with but on closer examination you realise you haven’t. Write letters to people, drag what you have buried in the mists of time out into the light of your conscious mind. After you have written out the old emotional story, expect to be rocked by the emotion that you have buried - it has to come out. You may need some guidance from a competent therapist to assist you.

3.    Find a process to help you take charge of your chatterbox mind - 90% of thought is a useless waste of time.

4.    Learn the art of concentration. This is the first step on the long road to meditating properly. With focus, you can begin to bring the mind under control.

5.    Meditate daily. This will take you out of the ego or the little self that thinks it is the big self. You will begin to hear the voice of your soul and this is the beginning of the awakening that you seek.

6.    Become the observer to yourself. Learn to see when you operate under ego and see when ego controls you. Ego is about separation and being right; soul is about connection and has no need to be right, for the Soul knows there is no right and wrong.

7.    Learn to live in the moment. That is when you will have some moments of wakefulness, you will begin to smile more and recognise the humour of life when viewed from the awakened state.

Most people wake up in little spurts, then fall back into the sleep state. But you do have the ability to increase the periods of wakefulness.

Or you could wake up completely like the Lord Buddha…

One day, Buddha (just before he became the Buddha) was sitting with his disciples, meditating, when suddenly he leapt up in the air and yelled:

“That’s it, I have got it!”

“What, Master?” his disciples asked.

"I have no idea but I know I have got it. I am awake,” Buddha replied.

You could wake up like that too...

Happy times waking up.



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