Love Rocks: 8 Stones to Enhance Your Relationships!
Post by Judith Lukomski   
judith-lukomskiLove is in the air as spring draws near.  This cherished time of year brings a renewed desire to embrace relationships.  From the beloved bond of a child and parent, to schoolyard sweethearts, the gift of friendship to expansive soul-mate partnership, spring reminds us connection creates joy as life blossoms with love!

One of the most profound connections is with the face in the mirror, the relationship with self.  Can you look at this beautiful reflection and honestly say, “I love you?”  For many individuals, initially it is difficult to speak the words with conviction and maintain eye contact.  Yet, with practice, it becomes easier as self-worth grows and a person learns to appreciate their uniqueness.  By developing self-awareness, the inner diamond sparkles as the precious gifts of the soul reveal themselves; understandings which lead to an inspired life and better relationships.  

Most individuals search for that special love connection, a soul-mate partnership which is the perfect physical representation of Divine love.  It sometimes seems elusive.  Yet, it is through the forging and testing of relationships that the dearest reward emerges, a deeper understanding of the unconditional love from the Divine Source.  True intimacy requires patience and trust, lessons learned by sustaining a relationship with Divine.  Conscious connection with the Divine through contemplative prayer and meditative action opens the portal to bliss. 

As an individual finds their partner, holidays present a special opportunity to declare intention and love.  Romantic visions of chocolate and roses are popular Valentine presents yet, for modern couples an engagement ring remain the most delicious of gifts.  For centuries, gems have exemplified the bond between betrothed.  Diamonds are the contemporary favorite while pearls and emeralds were once the symbol for pending partnership.

Discovering Heart Space

Nature serves as the cathedral of the heart, a peaceful place to interact with the universe.  It is a joyful journey, as Mother Earth nourishes humanity in the embrace of her power, bounty, and beauty.  Standing in the glory of a pristine vista without the constraints of modern structures or technology, calls to the individual cellular remembrance of humankinds union with heaven and earth.  

A treasured sense of peace and well-being occurs when enveloped in the serenity of nature.  Whether listening to the rhythm of ocean waves on sandy shores, or the whispering winds in the pine trees the voice of heaven speaks on earth.  People can learn from the crystalline community as the mineral kingdom demonstrates the capability to live with one another in ease. 

Crystals often form in combined matrixes, such as amethyst and agate, growing in multi-colored layers as showcased in calcite.  There is an innate unity.  Although varying geological elements and structural configurations, there is a foundation, which combines to form the essence of our planetary physicality exemplifying peaceful co-existence. 

The Perfect Match

Acting as an instrument of Mother Earth’s unconditional love, crystals, gemstones including humble river rocks, contain a powerful resonance as they offer assistance.  They invite personal interaction, waiting for acknowledgement.  For many, it is the color, shine, or shape of a gemstone that draws attention, while others enjoy natural, uncut specimens, crystals and geodes which soothe the environment.  When an individual encounters a particular crystal feeling drawn to it without specific reason, there is an innate link as each stone has a unique purpose and application.

Crystal energy integrates into daily easily!  Pocket stones serve as reminder to stay focused on personal intention. Creating crystal grids, placing stones in specific manner to hold focus and amplify intention can assist in the process of manifestation.  Whether developing a deeper appreciation of individual value or attracting the love of their life, there is a crystal friend waiting to help!

Crystal Healing  
Working with crystalline energy helps to clear the personal energy centers.  Balancing the chakra centers with crystals removes energetic blocks, which have deterred positive relationships.  A favorite crystal to call on for help is rose quartz, a beautiful stone which offers a subtle yet, powerful connection to the heart center home of unconditional love.  It’s a perfect touchstone to stay centered in compassion without judgment. 

Conscious crystal application serves to open energetic conduits that support the intention of appropriate relationships.  Whether inviting friendship, developing professional relationships or on the soul-mate quest crystals can serve to add energy by specific placement.  For example, a romance grid, a specific combination of stones placed to activate the energies of attraction.  It acts as beautiful symbol of infinite love in the union of light.

When traveling outside Melbourne to see the Twelve Apostles, a series of stunning massive rock configurations I was awestruck to see a magnificent soul-mate formation rising from the sands.  Two separate yet, united pillars sparkled in the sunlight reminding me of the perfection of partnership in nature and in life.   Each moment in the day contains the gem of possibility; what will you find?  

Building relationships necessitates a willingness to be vulnerable.  There is a motivation to remove obstacles and enjoy companionship. The more aware an individual becomes internally, the ability to develop a true partnership expands.  Relationship requires sharing from the mine of inner diamonds found in the soul center; allowing gems of the heart to flow undisrupted to one another.   

Crystal Clear Perspective

Through the journey of self-discovery comes the clarity to attract what the heart desires.  Consistently scheduling time to interact with the Divine opens the door to true partnership as the truth of the soul reveals itself.  Record the experiences of meditation and prayer to uncover the patterns and messages that will assist in the process.

A strong relationship with the Divine supports the development of soul family, the family of the heart while also strengthening love for family.  It invites birth, from the actual delivery of a child to the heighten sensitivity of the artist.  Partnership frequently, produces a revitalized passion for life while bringing a renewed sense of personal peace.

In my healing practice, I have witnessed wonderful results when individuals allow Mother Earth to assist them in creating heaven on earth.  When one woman decided that she was ready for her partner, she released her fears, and opened her heart and life.  She began wearing an exquisite pale pink kunzite pendant as a reminder of her internal commitment.  Within a few weeks, she met a wonderful man; today they are enjoying a new exciting life together!  

Love Rocks

Each crystal brings an enchanting beauty and distinctive energy to support the relationships process.  Utilizing a personal affirmation and activating crystalline energy enhances the overall intention of creating, developing, and sustaining positive relationships in all areas of life.  Listed below are eight specific stones along with sample affirmations to help set personal intention, and serve as meditation mantras throughout the day.

Area Stone Affirmation
Self-Love Pink Calcite I am loved and loving
Clarity Clear Quartz I see clearly in all areas of my life
Communication Lapis I communicate on all levels with ease
Attraction Rose Quartz I attract my divine right partner now
Romance Kunzite I am enjoying romantic love for the greatest and highest good
Parnership Soul-Mate Configuration
(usually found in Clear Quartz)
I am in a loving partnership with my Divine right partner
Passion Gamet I am living a passionate life
Spiritual Harmony Angelite

I am at peace; connected with the angels and aligned with the Divine in all areas of my life.

Judith Lukomski is a catalyst for positive global change; providing mystical insights and practical perspectives for inspired living. A renowned intuitive and teacher she is also an International Speaker, Hay House author, Founder of the Crystal Energistâ Practitioner Program, and Creator of the Audio Program Crystals with Judith.  For additional information on her work visit Crystal Friends.

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