Attraction, Hicksian Law, and The Principle

true_indigo_cutIt appears two identifiable camps have developed in the world of attraction. The first camp have read or heard about the idea of aligning one’s thoughts, vibrations and attention toward manifesting the attraction of external objects (abundance) into one’s field of experience; while a second, larger camp, the Hicksians, believe that it is the focusing of wants and desires to properly align the person into receiving these external objects of abundance.

Positive and Negative Thoughts - How the Subconscious Really Works
thumb_janet_richomond_picDid you know that no amount of positive thinking will overcome a negative thought? Did you know that, once created, a thought will live forever? Our thoughts actually have a life of their own. They live in an altered reality that surrounds us at all times and they remain there forever. The same is true of our habits and emotions. That's great for the positive ones, but what about the negative ones?
The Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Meditation

The first step to create the new future begins with each person. The Foundation for the Law of Time provides innovative solutions and far-reaching visions for creating our new future today. Through the great gift of the Law of Time we can now understand the current global crisis as a pivotal moment in the cosmic evolution of intelligence.

Love Rocks: 8 Stones to Enhance Your Relationships!
Post by Judith Lukomski   

judith-lukomskiLove is in the air as spring draws near.  This cherished time of year brings a renewed desire to embrace relationships.  From the beloved bond of a child and parent, to schoolyard sweethearts, the gift of friendship to expansive soul-mate partnership, spring reminds us connection creates joy as life blossoms with love!    

Featured Article-True Indigo - New
true_indigo_74x74FEATURED ARTICLE
True Indigo, author of A Personal Aristocracy, offers a new way to consider the "Law of Attraction" known as "The Principle" in a series of articles. Read more...
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