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Post by Gina Lake   
Friday, 18 November 2011 00:25

I don’t usually talk or write a lot about Oneness, since so many already do this so brilliantly. But I have a few musings today to offer on this subject just because Oneness has especially been in my awareness recently. I’ve been noticing how beautifully everyone plays their role in this life we are all living out on planet earth. It amazes me how I’m provided with roads, food, the internet, someone to cut my hair and fix my computer, giant trucks to pick up my trash and keep up my city, dogs to keep me company and make me smile, a husband who loves me, information that comes to me from various places. Everything that happens is support for my life and supports other people’s lives too. Isn’t it a miracle that what you and I offer the world also seems to be enough to provide us with this support? We are all contributing and we are all receiving.

We are all moved to contribute, and we are moved by something very mysterious. How is it possible for this immensely complex existence we are part of to function and actually support us? Isn’t this such a miracle! What good fortune to be born into a world that provides for us. Some would argue that it doesn’t do this very well, but truly, isn’t it amazing that it does it to the extent that it does!

It seems that something behind life moves each of us to contribute as we do. We have enough people doing the things that need to be done to make it all work. How does that happen? We didn’t all decide to be doctors, for instance. That would be too many doctors! Some of us had to be patients, anyway. What is behind our choosing to do what we do? Life is a great mystery.

When I can see that others are playing out their role perfectly (and, as a bonus, they’re doing it with their own personal style and unique personality), then I relax and can just let it happen as it is happening. Something much wiser than we are is making it all happen through us. How interesting! I think I will just enjoy the unfolding of the show in front of me. Maybe I’ll jump up and do something too. Who knows? It’s fun not knowing, especially when you realize that we are in good hands.

Even those who cause difficulty and trouble for others have a place in this mystery. They serve a role too. It’s hard to see how they are contributing, but at the very least they contribute to our growth and evolution by challenging us. And sometimes we are the one causing trouble and pain! I will let the troublemakers be as they are too, since they are as they are. I will let them be part of this drama on earth, since they already are part of this drama. I might be moved to do something in response to them or not. We’ll see. It might be someone else’s role to respond instead.

We all have a part to play, and we just need to play that part. We can hardly not play our part. So I will let life be as it is and let it move me as it does, and I will revel in this great mystery in which I am participating and bring as much consciousness, gratitude, and joy to it as I can. To see the truth about life—that we are part of one Consciousness creating it all—is to be happy and at peace, and from that place of peace, it’s easy to love it all.

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