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Why Advertise on NOWopolis?

NOWopolis has received over 12,500 unique visitors generating 25,000 page views and 1.1 million hits year-to-date. Our audience is ramping up, and ramping up fast!

Demographics: NOWopolis is read by a wide variety of individuals interested in the fields of science & technology, metaphysics & spirituality, consciousness, alternative health, crop circles, UFO's, space, quantum physics, and political shenanigans.

We are receiving traffic primarily from the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, Great Britain, France, and India but are being visited by "NOWopolitans" from countries all over the world.

Our articles are featured on the front pages of many social news sites including InfoWars and World of Ulysses.

Other Opportunities

NOWopolis is open to alternative forms of advertising. Please contact us with your ideas - we're looking forward to hearing from you.